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The Coffeehouse

Coffee for the dreamers and the doers. Share a cup with us and get inspired.

Want half price coffee for life?
Scroll down to see how we can do that for you.

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The Bakery and Coffeehouse Tumblers

Bring your Bakery tumbler in for half price refills!
Stainless Steel Tumbler

Support your local caffein dealer

Stainless steel tumbler with lid and stainless steel straw.

I'm a coffeeholic on the road to recovery

Get on the road to The Bakery and Coffeehouse because with this tumbler you can receive half off any Coffeehouse beverage.
Stainless steel tumbler

Three ways we are helping our neighbors and our planet

Green Tech

Reusable and eco friendly. Cutting back on single use plastics.

Locally Sourced

It's important to us that we support local business. The Bakery Tumblers are locally sourced from our friends at Just Lovely Apperal.

Great Coffee Great Price

We give back to those who share an interest in our greener initiative. Each Bakery Tumbler is eligible for half price refills when returned clean.
Stainless steel tumbler

Today's good mood brought to you by

Every day is a great day with a Bakery and Coffeehouse Coffee or tea. Heres to a good mood. 

In a world full of Karens...

Sometimes all we need is a little coffee to deal with what life has to throw at us.
Stainless steel tumbler

What some of our great customers are saying

"Replacing what used to be my much needed downtown Marietta stop, The Bakery and Coffeehouse is the best around!"
Ryan N.
"Best iced coffee in town!"
Josh S.
"That guy at the coffeehouse really knows how to pour them! He's a latte master"
Richard W.
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