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The Bakery

Show stopping flavor and craftsmanship for any event.

scroll for your special someone
(Or for yourself)

Baking station with flour, eggs and a whisk.

The Signature Collection

Floral Naked Cake.JPG

Naked Cakes

Create your own one of a kind signature naked cake.
Various Cupcakes.JPG

Cup Cakes

Create your own one of a kind signature cup cake.

The French Macarons

Each order contains one dozen to each box.
Birthday Cake Macarons

Birthday Cake

Order the perfect birthday favor for that special someone. A box of our Birthday Cake Macarons will bring a smile to any face. 
Wedding Cake Macarons

Wedding Cake

Flavors fit for a queen, our Wedding Cake French Macaron will have you married for life.
Chocolate chip Macaron.jpg

Chocolate Chip

Dazzle your party guests with a half dozen of our Chocolate Chip French Macarons.

What some of our great customers are saying

"We can't thank you enough for these spectacular macaron treats & Madleynn's tie-dye cupcakes XOXO"
Madesta L.
"Seriously the best almond cake I have ever had... Thank you The Bakery and Coffeehouse. You now have a new loyal patron! Every cake I order will now come from you!"
Kimberly H.
"Thank you so much The Bakery and Coffeehouse for these amazingly delicious cupcakes!"
Amber S.
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